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Communication: the key to effectively scaling your sales team

There's no denying it: todays B2B sales world is ultra-competitive.

Some sales teams thrive while others fail miserably. Still others simply continue to chug along somewhere in the middle, never really excelling at anything.

So just what is it that sets effective sales teams apart from others? What makes one sales team thrive when so many others fail?

The simple answer? Communication. (steps below ->)

Are you communicating?

Step 1: Implement a standard internal communication process

When people know what's expected of them, they thrive. At 9NEWS NBC Denver, email was the primary means of internal communication within the team. We had a simple rule: respond to every internal email, every time, as quickly as possible.

If you could answer a simple question via email, you were expected to respond to it right away. If a member of the management team needed the answer to a more complicated question, he or she would note in the email when they needed the answer by.

Sound simple? It is. The key is sticking to it.

Because every member of the sales team knew what was expected of them, we thrived, knowing issues weren't being overlooked or kicked down the road.

(Note: While email works well, I've found that using a system like Skype, Slack, or Salesforce Chatter, can help build a more personal quick-talk team culture)

Step 2: Start a daily stand-up meeting

This can occur at any point in the day, but the key is consistency. During this meeting, each team member brings the top items they are working on that day along with their #1 goal for that day. This works both with remote and in-person teams.

I've found this helps to achieve 4 main goals:

  1. Helps each team member to hone in on what's truly most important to drive revenue for the business;

  2. Ensures multiple team members aren't unnecessarily duplicating work;

  3. Helps team members effectively work together on items that require multiple touches;

  4. Allows management to get a high-level picture of what their team is doing to actively drive revenue for the business (allowing for coaching and input when needed);

Most of our meetings last 15-25 minutes and include all team members. I've found that holding our meetings first thing in the morning helps get the team focused while heading off any issues (internal or external) before they arise.

Step 3: Create a culture where people actually talk

What kind of culture does your office have? Do people actually talk to one-another or simply come into the office, get their work done quietly, and slink out of work as soon as 5:00pm rolls around?

I've found an important element of creating a communicative workplace often lies in getting team members to actively work with and talk to one another (crazy, right?).

Open workspaces can help with this, but it certainly doesn't end there. As a sales leader, you should be going out of your way to get to know each member of your team, encouraging others to do that same.

Here are some ways sales managers can lead by example:

  • Stop and actually talk to every member of your sales team multiple times per week;

  • Go on sales calls with your sales executives;

  • Get on account management calls with your account managers;

  • Get out of your office and actually work on the sales floor (ie from a laptop/tablet);

  • Ask individual members of your team how you can help them;

  • Host team-building events outside of normal working hours (ie sporting events, bowling, dinners, etc);

In conclusion, while there are a myriad of ways to help your sales team set themselves apart in today's ultra-competitive world, building a communicative team is key.

If your team isn't communicating regularly with one-another, how can you expect them to compete on today's global stage where clients expect seamless communication 24/7?

I've found that implementing a standard internal communications process to be a simple and effective way of fostering a scalable and sustainable revenue-generating business unit that works regardless of what industry you're in.


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