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These are the 2 reasons sales goals matter

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When I started in B2B sales, I hated sales goals.

Why put a high-hanging target over my head?

Doesn’t my manager know I’m going to work my butt off for the company regardless of the sales goal in place?

Jump forward a few million dollars in revenue and a few promotions and it’s become clear as day. Sales goals exist to help your salespeople to thrive.

The 2 Functions of Sales Goals:

As a sales manager, I’ve found sales goals serve two main functions in organizations today. First, they set clear expectations for success among management, staff, and salespeople themselves, and second, they help salespeople to break through self-imposed limits of achievement.

1. Clear Expectations:

Imagine you sell grain for a living. Someone walks into your store one day and says, “I want to buy a lot of grain.”

You’d probably start by asking how much grain the person wants. Does “a lot” mean a single barrel or 50 barrels? What sounds like a lot to one person may be significantly more or less than the customer actually wants.

Sales goals are no different. They set a clear understanding among all parties of what is expected. People who know what is expected of them thrive and sales goals help salespeople to understand and drive towards success.

Want your sales people to perform? Set clear goals of what is expected of them and work with them to achieve these goals.

2. Self-imposed Limits:

Selling for a living isn’t easy. Constant rejection takes a toll and it can be easy for even the most experienced of salespeople to start settling for mediocrity.

Sales goals can help salespeople to smash through mediocrity.

They key is having an experienced sales management staff dedicated to helping their teams to plan a roadmap for success.

I’ve always found using data to work backwards to be helpful. Sales software like Salesforce can help sales teams to start analyzing contact rates, proposal-to-close times, and average revenue per deal. With clean data, sales managers can better help their teams to plan a map for success, blowing past sales goals, and helping teams to thrive.

So why are sales goals so important in successful organizations today? In my experience, sales goals perform 2 main tasks in helping your salespeople to thrive. When sales teams have clear expectations and are able to break down self-imposed limits, organizations thrive, and real growth can happen.


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